Barrel Cleaning Service

Has your trash and recycle barrel become a bit stinky, gunky or kinda funky? Well, Paine’s has a solution to the problem. We are now offering Barrel Cleaning Service to our Residential & Commercial customers!

Paine’s can bring our mobile cleaning truck to your curbside and refresh your barrels on site for a fee. The truck itself is a self-contained system that uses high pressure & hot water to clean the barrels inside and out. So, no harsh chemicals or other ugly environmental hazards; we even recycle the water! Don’t worry we know you’re busy, this will all be done on your normal collection day. Just give us a quick call or email and we can get you scheduled.

Commercial customers, please call us and speak with one of our knowledgeable sales representatives. They will be happy to review your needs and make recommendations for the scheduling of larger quantities of barrels, pad washing or the cleaning of your dumpster or compactor.

We truly want to partner with our customers and make life easier.

Collection Notice


2024 Presidents’ Day

  • Collections will take place on your normal collection day.
  • Please be sure all barrels are curbside by 6am for collection as many factors can affect our collection times. Such as, set out rate, how full barrels are and traffic.
  • Check for What’s In & What’s Out of the curbside recycling stream
  • Don’t forget – When in doubt, put the barrels out.
  • Sign up for our Email Alerts at to stay on top of future holiday & weather alerts that may affect your collection day.