Details on Using Your Recycling Barrel

Recycle these items:

No Plastic Bags Please. All plastic bags and wraps, even those with a recycle symbols, can become dangerously tangled in the mechanical separating equipment. Please look for plastic bag only recycling drop-offs at places like grocery stores instead. Click HERE to find a drop off location in your area.

Glass Bottles & Jars
Glass food containers only. All colors.  Clean, empty, and discard lids. There is no need to remove labels.
Please no plate glass, vases, laminated glass, ceramics, lightbulbs, Pyrex dishes, Mirror glass or Crystal.

Metal & Aluminum Cans
Food and beverage containers only. Clean, empty, and do not flatten. There is no need to remove labels.

Aerosol Cans
Completely empty. Do not remove the label. No paint, pesticides, or other hazardous waste cans.

Plastic #’s 1-7
Food, beverage, and household containers marked 1 through 7. (up to 5 gal in size). These containers should be empty, rinsed clean, and please do not flatten them. No hazardous waste containers or BLACK PLASTIC.

Newspapers, Magazines, Paper Bags, Window Envelopes & Junk Mail

No need to bundle or tie them together. Be sure to remove any free samples.

Clean Paper & Office Folders

White and colored paper. No shredded paper, binders, plastic tabs & metal hangers.

Corrugated Cardboard, Boxboard {cereal boxes} & Shoe Boxes

Clean and empty boxes should be flattened and placed in your recycle barrel for collection. Call us to discuss other options that may be available in your area for larger quantiles.

Paper & Plastic Egg Cartons

No foam cartons or eggshells.

Juice Boxes & Aseptic Packaging {milk cartons}

Once emptied and rinsed clean, simply place these items in your recycling barrel for collection.

Larger Plastic Items Like Rigid Plastic Kids Toys, Coolers & Buckets

Items must fit inside the recycle barrel and have all metal parts removed. No dirt-covered items.

Do not recycle these items:

Please call your town or check RecycleCT to find out if there are alternative options for these items in your area.

Household Rubbish, Animal Waste, Plastic bags or Black Plastics

Flat or Broken Glass, Light Bulbs, Mirrors, Ceramics, Pyrex, & Drinking Glasses

Paint Cans, Hazardous Waste/Chemicals and their Containers, Batteries

Clothes Hangers, Pots & Pans, Propane Tanks of Any Size, Scrap Metal

Foam Packing Materials, Packing Peanuts of Any Kind, Bubble Wrap, Flower Pots

Soiled Paper Products {Paper Plates with Food/Grease, Cans/Jars containing Food or Used

Paper towels/Tissues }

Food Waste, Yard Waste, Branches/Twigs, Leaves or Grass Clippings

Wax Coated Boxes, Paper Cards with Glitter, Ribbons or Other Items Attached

Rubble, Cement, Stone, Insulation, Bricks or Other Construction Debris

Electronics, VHS Tapes, CD/DVD’s, Tools, Motor Oil or Liquids of Any Kind

Hard Cover Books, Pizza Boxes with Food & Grease, Gas Cans, Textiles

When do I put out my recycling barrel?

Recycling is collected on the same day as your garbage collection and in most towns it is every other week. This pick up is done by a separate truck from your trash. If you are unsure of your collection day please refer to our street look up tool or feel free to call our office. Routes start early so you should have your barrel out by 6:00 A.M. on the day of your collection. Most people seem to put it out the night before.

Where do I place the recycling barrel?

Please place the barrel with the handle facing away from the street, within 2 feet of the curb. Make sure it is free of any obstructions. For example: Cars, lamp posts, planters, mailboxes, stone walls, shrubbery and/or your trash barrel. Removing any obstacles alleviates any interference with the trucks automated arm which needs to wrap around the barrel in order to pick it up.

Why was garbage collected, but not recycling?

Recycling is collected on the same day as your regular garbage collection, but every other week by a separate truck, at a different time. If your barrel is still full it may be that the recycling truck just hasn’t come yet due to things like traffic accidents, weather events, and school buses that may have caused the trucks to re-route. Also, it may not be your week for recycling collection. Please refer to our street look up tool or feel free to call our office.

How do I sort my Recycling?

All acceptable recycling items can now be mixed together and loosely placed in the one recycle barrel, no sorting required! This is because of the extremely efficient single-stream recycling system where a single barrel is used to collect mixed recycling material. The contents of your recycle barrel are then dumped into a truck with other recycling items and are taken to a facility where it is mechanically sorted in an advanced processing center.

What if I have too much?

Remember, it is okay for the barrel lid to be slightly raised up. Please remember most recycling is light weight and is easily blown by the wind If you still have additional that will not fit in your barrel please contact us to find out what the options for removal in your town are.

What if I put it out too late or on the wrong day?

Please contact our office to see what options may be available in your town.

What is the number on my barrel for?

The number identifies your specific barrel (Both trash and recycling have different numbers). It’s a good idea to record your barrel numbers in case it gets lost.